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This business partner code defines the requirements as well as the basic principles for cooperation with PAINTSYSTEMSSF's business partners.

PAINTSYSTEMSSF's business partners are natural or legal persons from whom deliveries or services are obtained or to whom deliveries or services are provided, without these being employees of PAINTSYSTEMSSF or companies affiliated with PAINTSYSTEMSSF. Business partners can be, for example, suppliers, customers, sales representatives, agents, brokers, consultants or other providers of goods and services.

Gender neutrality

PAINTSYSTEMSSF is open-minded and impartial towards all genders. This is also expected from all business partners and employees associated with PAINTSYSTEMSSF. The masculinized terms used here, such as employees, sales representatives, consultants, business partners, etc., refer equally to each gender and are only used by PAINTSYSTEMSSF to simplify legibility.

PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects all business partners to

that they conduct their business with integrity and fairness on the basis of applicable law and accept and implement the principles set out in the Business Partner Code.
that they work towards ensuring that the principles of the Business Partner Code are also adhered to by their own business partners and promote this accordingly.
that they help to provide the information necessary for PAINTSYSTEMSSF to establish and implement a business partnership.
PAINTSYSTEMSSF reserves the right to change these requirements if necessary. In this case, PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects its business partners to accept and implement such changes.


Laws and Human Rights

The business partners undertake to comply with nationally and internationally applicable laws and regulations at their locations worldwide. They ensure that human rights are respected and, in particular, that human dignity is preserved.

The business partners do not tolerate any discrimination based on skin color, gender, religion, age, nationality, social and ethnic origin, disability, ideology, sexual orientation or political or trade union activity.

Labor standards

PAINTSYSTEMSSF rejects any form of slavery or forced labor, as well as child labor, advocates its abolition and expects the same from its business partners.

Business partners must adhere to the minimum age for admission to employment in accordance with the applicable state regulations.

Business partners respect freedom of association and the right to form interest groups. In this way, they grant their employees the right to defend their interests within national laws and regulations.

PAINTSYSTEMSSF demands from its business partners that they are aware of their social responsibility towards their employees and that their remuneration and working hours are fair and appropriate. The business partners support the qualification of employees in order to guarantee a high level of performance.

Responsible raw material procurement

The business partners support every effort to ensure the responsible procurement of resources. The aim is to avoid the procurement and use of raw materials that have been obtained illegally or through ethically reprehensible or unreasonable measures (conflict minerals).

In order to rule out such procurement in the future and to identify possible conflict minerals in manufactured products in the supply chain, business partners are obliged to take precautions to disclose the origin or source of their resources.


PAINTSYSTEMSSF is fully committed to the principles of fair and free competition as an elementary part of the market economy. PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects the same from its business partners.

Business partners are therefore obliged to comply with the applicable statutory provisions of antitrust and competition law. In particular, they do not participate in illegal price agreements or in prohibited coordination of market behavior between competitors. Likewise, business partners do not exchange sensitive or competition-relevant information with competitors.
The business partners follow all applicable foreign trade regulations in their worldwide business activities. They make sure not only to comply with the applicable laws for the import and export of goods and services, but also the applicable economic embargoes. As part of the supply chain, PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects its suppliers to be informed about export restrictions and classifications.


Prohibition of corruption

Corruption is prohibited by international conventions and national laws. PAINTSYSTEMSSF does not tolerate any form of bribery or business conduct, neither with its employees nor with its business partners, that could give the impression of improper influence or influence.

The business partners undertake within the business relationship with PAINTSYSTEMSSF not to offer any kind of benefits of any kind directly or indirectly to third parties, nor to obtain direct or indirect benefits for themselves or others. They also do not promise any advantages that would constitute an illegal act under the applicable anti-corruption laws.

PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects from its business partners that they will not tolerate any form of illegal benefits, especially in business dealings with public officials and authorities in Germany and abroad. They also ensure that their employees behave and proceed with integrity.

The business partners must also reject acceleration payments (i.e. payments not provided for by law to a public official which serve the purpose of causing the public official to accelerate or carry out an official act to which there is a fundamental right).

Money laundering

PAINTSYSTEMSSF undertakes to participate in the international fight against money laundering and takes appropriate measures to comply with the relevant regulations. PAINTSYSTEMSSF also expects this from its business partners.

Conflicts of Interest

Transparency is of the utmost importance to business partners in all business transactions.

On the one hand, PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects from its business partners that decisions are made exclusively on the basis of appropriate considerations. On the other hand, personal or family conflicts of interest, which can lead to irrelevant considerations, must be avoided.

The business partners take care to avoid the appearance of irrelevant considerations.

Gifts, invitations and other benefits

When dealing with benefits, for example in the form of gifts or invitations, the business partners strictly and particularly in connection with their work for PAINTSYSTEMSSF to avoid any appearance of dishonesty or incorrectness.

The business partners do not tolerate accepting or granting benefits that are made in the expectation of gaining unlawful consideration or an advantage, that cast doubts on their integrity or that influence business decisions.

Donations and sponsorship

Business partners follow the principle of altruistic behavior when making donations. Your donations are only made on a voluntary basis and in accordance with the applicable legal system.

The business partners do not use their sponsorship activities to gain illegal business advantages.


Occupational health and safety

The business partners support the safety and health of their employees through appropriate measures, such as preventive and consistent occupational safety and a safe and healthy work environment.

Environmental Protection

PAINTSYSTEMSSF's business partners are committed to a sustainable, responsible and careful use of resources and raw materials.

When it comes to products and processes, they pay attention to the efficient use of energy and resources as well as the applicable environmental standards. They oblige their employees to minimize risks to the environment and to use resources sparingly.


An essential aspect of the cooperation with PAINTSYSTEMSSF is the confidential handling of information and data.

To protect confidential and personal information, data and projects, business partners must store them securely and protect them from access by third parties.

Business partners may only use information for authorized purposes and in an appropriate manner.


PAINTSYSTEMSSF expects its business partners to report information about any criminal offenses, irregularities and special risks that could affect PAINTSYSTEMSSF. The PAINTSYSTEMSSF compliance officer is available for this at compliance@paintsystems.com.

Neither PAINTSYSTEMSSF nor its business partners will tolerate any form of discrimination against persons who give such notice to PAINTSYSTEMSSF or to the business partners.


PAINTSYSTEMSSF attaches great importance to a trusting cooperation with its business partners.

PAINTSYSTEMSSF requests selected suppliers to carry out a self-assessment based on what is known as the Supplier Self Assessment Sustainability. In addition, PAINTSYSTEMSSF carries out a risk-based check for business partners in order to identify compliance and integrity risks (Business Partner Compliance Due Diligence).

PAINTSYSTEMSSF reserves the right to review the business relationship with each business partner in the event of deviations from this code. PAINTSYSTEMSSF follows the principle of proportionality, so that PAINTSYSTEMSSF carefully checks in each individual case which consequences are appropriate, suitable and necessary. This can lead to an immediate termination of the business relationship and the assertion of claims for damages.


All business partners have the opportunity to contact the PAINTSYSTEMSSF compliance officer directly at any time.

Industriestrasse 3
D-63825 Schöllkrippen
Email: compliance@paintsystems.com

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